Test your ADG knowledge with this 37 question quiz. A great primer for players, referees and football fans!

Before ADG Starts

  • Toss a coin to decide which half of the field to use. See Law 1.
  • Toss the coin again. The team that wins toss can attack or defend in the first contest. See Law 2.
  • Meet separately with each team and record their five attackers. See Law 4.

If there are ground conditions or safety issues. See Law 1.

During ADG

Only eligible players and officials. See Law 6.

Within the centre circle of the disused half of the field. See Law 7.

An Assistant Referee. See Law 7.

A safe distance behind the Assistant Referee who is positioned on the goal line. See Law 8.

One Assistant Referee is positioned behind the goal line and assists the Referee in a similar way to how UEFA utilised their Additional Assistant Referees. Both the Referee and the Assistant Referee will adjudicate on whether a ball is in or out of play.

The other Assistant Referee is positioned in the centre circle of the disused half of the field and supervises the players who are currently not competing. 

Only after having seen the opposition’s attacker. See Law 10.

The attacker competes one-on-one against the goalkeeper. See Law 12.

At least 9.15m (10 yards) from the ball until it is in play. See Law 13.

The ADG mark (32 yards). See Law 15.

20 seconds. See Law 15.

  • A goal is scored. See Law 17.
  • The ball goes out of play. See Law 18.
  • The goalkeeper controls the ball with their hands inside the penalty area. See Law 19.
  • The 20 seconds elapses. See Law 20.
  • Attacker commits a foul. See Law 21.

The attacker is awarded a penalty kick and the 20 second time period is disregarded for the remainder of that contest. See Law 22.

  • A goal is scored.
  • The ball goes out of play.
  • The goalkeeper controls the ball with their hands inside the penalty area.
  • The attacker commits a foul or an offence as described in Law 23 or Law 24.

Keep a record of the contests. See Law 26.

Subject to conditions the teams play a total of ten contests

Teams take turns attacking and defending (ABAB). See Law 29.

Not until all players have completed in a contest. See Law 30.

ADG enters sudden death. The players from the first contest compete in the first sudden death contest. See Law 32.

Substitutions, cautions and sending-offs during ADG

One and a corresponding substitution opportunity. See Law 33.

As per Law 33, the team can use their additional substitute to remove an outfield player and bring on a substitute goalkeeper.

However, if the team has already used their additional substitute, then as per Law 27, they can make an on-field player their goalkeeper.

  • Careless foul receives no sanction.
  • Reckless foul receives a yellow card.
  • Holding, pulling or pushing, or no attempt to play the ball or challenge for the ball, receives a yellow card.
  • Excessive force foul receives a red card.
  • Handball receives a red card.

See Law 36.

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