Attacker Defender Goalkeeper (ADG) is a new alternative to the penalty kick shootout.* ADG features a series of ten contests in which an attacker has thirty seconds to score a goal against a defender and goalkeeper. At the completion of the ten contests, the team with the most goals is the winner.

The advantages of ADG include:

  1. All players participate
  2. Showcases skill and athleticism
  3. Positive natured contest
  4. Strategy is vital
  5. Promotes attacking play
  6. Promotes fair play

You can read a brief explanation of ADG or download the full ADG document.

Four matches at the 2014 FIFA World Cup were decided by the penalty shootout, which equals the most in World Cup history. The semi final between the Netherlands and Argentina was a lacklustre contest with both teams seemingly happy for the match to be decided by penalties. And with everything that is at stake in modern football, it’s inevitable that more and more showpiece matches will also end in disappointing stalemates.

The penalty shootout is also an inherently unfair tiebreaker with the team kicking first having a greater than 60% chance of winning.3 Nine consecutive penalty shootouts were won by the team kicking first at the FIFA World Cup during a period from Japan/Korea 2002 to Brazil 2014.

ADG is about the promotion and preservation of the beauty of the game. And what's better for the game – a player walking up and converting a penalty kick to win a major competition, or the same player at full speed, swerving past a defender and bending the ball into the net?

Quite simply, what ADG will deliver is spectacular and exhilarating goals. It's due to the skill and grace of movement of the world's great players that we call football the "beautiful game" and the reason why it's the most popular sport on earth.

The undeniable benefit of ADG is that it combines the skill and athleticism of modern football with the inherent drama and tension of the penalty shootout. Most importantly, ADG provides a competitive environment where the superior football team will ultimately claim victory.

* While Kicks from the Penalty Mark is the official name, this website will use - penalty kick shootout. And penalty shootout, penalties or just shootout, will be used interchangeably.

"Penalties are awful, unfair, but what else is there?"

Laurent Blanc
Former French Player